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This stuff is for real!
davidwhittemore... - Woodland, CA - 16Aug2000 7:29 PM
i was raised watching moe make all this strange equipment! i've probably got lead poisoning due to all the soldering that he did!

you(at)company.combaddbrad... - YourTown lake city michganSofA - 10Nov2000 7:15 PM
Sorry to bother you,but I haven'nt been able to find that ZERFAS album since my friend,Partying buddy,moved back in 73.I thought the last time Iheard the album was earlier than that, Those days were kind of fused together, In a way.Your red and white cover make me realize that's the one.I recorded it on 8 track tape,it died on me,many years ago.I looked all over for it since then.Im 44 now if that tells you anything.I'd very much enjoy hearing them again bbefore its my time.You did'nt leave on you'r site how to purchase this album,or if it'son cd.I will definitely get a copy from you if you could find a way for me to do so.My brother has been looking for it to,he's 47.What made me positive this was the right album was I remembered it was made in Indiana.Kind of hard to remember yesterday,but that stuck with me.The group Zerfas really impressed me.I still wonder why they never made it big,and you could'nt find their album,in michigan.I just bought this computer and got on the web,otherwise I would have tried to get ahold of you a long time ago.I'd really apreciate it if you would let me know where I can purchase this. Notice how I'm using big words? I'm trying to learn how to type.This took about an hour.Well, don't want to bore you anymore so take care and live long.Envious of you, baddbrad[at]-remove-voyager.net

I didn't know...
Protoculture... - chris wilfong Atl, Ga. - 14Nov2000 1:18 AM
I didn't know that any other wilfongs rocked. I would like to talk to jay. My email is teletwang[at]-remove-icq.com.

Are any of these recordings available on CD?
you(at)company.com... - 21Nov2000 9:26 PM
Are any of these recordings available on CD?
How would I go about getting some of them?

baddbrad_927... - Lake City,MI - 28Nov2000 9:41 AM
I've been looking for this album since the 70's.A friend of mine had it and I recorded it on a 8 track. Needless to say,It wore out within a year.He moved and I never heard from him again.If anybody out there knows how I can get a copy,or if It can be purchased new,please let me know.I'm looking forward to listening to this again.Thank You,Brad Mason(baddbrad_927[at]-remove-msn.com).

Day Before Tomorrow now on CD
Two Moon Records... - Knightstown, IN - 9Jul2001 7:34 PM
My first release, which was on 700 West, (Day
Before Tomorrow) is now available on CD. Contact
Moe or contact me directly at gbpike[at]-remove-nltc.net for
ordering info. Please mention that you heard about
it here. Kevin Stone

baddbrad_927 msn.com... - Lake City, Michigan - 22Aug2001 5:26 PM
Really appreciate your help Mo! Haven't heard anything yet, hopefully will.Your back on my favorites and let me know what is up to buy that is kind of like Zerfas or rock-n-roll, Thank You, Brad Mason

Ezikial Longspur
peggy... - Peggy in Indy - 21Feb2002 3:50 AM
Just thought I'd mention that the writer, Bonnet, should be spelled Bonnett. Zeke was a great band. If anyone else had the chance to hear them live up in South Bend or Indianapolis, Indiana, I'd like to hear their comments. Wish I had the record. Hopefully soneone locally has a copy to sell me for a lot less than $700 :)

Long Lost Primevil
Athaclarke... - chicago - 21Apr2002 11:44 AM
In the 80's I found two copies of smokin bats
at camptons in my buddies moms records
back in Highschool. We gave one to jay
Wilfong when he was running that guitar store
in Knightstown. I later found a sealed copy at
a record convention in Indy and purchased it
for maybe ten bucks or so. In some sort of
strange delirium or fit I sold it to some used
record store in broadripple. i WISHED I
HAD'NT DONE IT! I would love to get another
copy. If anybody has an extra.....?

Your releases
knuthulu... - Kongsvinger, NORWAY - 13Oct2002 7:02 AM
Man, is the Primevil album due for a reissue? Who's doing it and how do I get in touch? I've been looking for the album for a while, so it would be really nice to get a CD made from the master tapes.

Do you have masters of the material you recorded? Someone must be interested in making CDs of it - the Buccaneer album was pretty great.

Knut Nortun

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