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tnsportsman... - Mount Juliet, TN - 3Jan2006 3:58 PM
Jay Wilfong (Dr. Fong) is a mind-blowing musician. All 8 tracks on Smokin' Bats At Campton's are insane, but, by far, "Your Blues" portrays the band's skills best. It is truly a Blues-Rock masterpiece on all counts. I live in TN and got the album through Jay's son. He (The Doctor) still plays without limitation. Dr. Fong is writing music and running a blues jam down here in TN. To many here in and around the Music City, he is a living legend, myself included. ROCK AND ROLL FOREVER!!!

-John, 17, TN

Prime Evil
kdh2214... - greenfield in - 26May2005 2:17 PM
My brother Larry Lucas and Mark Sipe founded this band in early 1970. It is so great to see other people who enjoyed this music. I have such great memories of the band and all of the people that surronded them at that time. Larry Lucas is still playing music on weekends with his close friends. I will talk to him maybe they will release more tunes. Larry's Sister

The Best of 700 West volume 1
rexthomas4... - Rex Thomas - 19Aug2004 9:38 PM
Anybody reading this needs to pick up a copy
of The Best of 700 West vol. 1. All of that was
done at a time in my opinion where the
musical creativity in Indy was at its peak. And
700 West was the only place around that
could give you service WAY ahead of its time
at an affordable price.
Of course it's a blast listening to all the
different styles, but I was especially blown
away at how good Ultimate Force & Primevil
were back then.
Still, I know of no one who understands the
creative process the way Moe Whittemore
does. To me he was definitely one of the
pioneers in starting a recording scene in Indy
as I knew it.
Many thanks, Moe.
The Best of 700 West vol. 1 is a FUN piece of

ya really teached me gooood
randyrockit... - randy barr - 8Sep2003 8:08 PM
mo,member me?i was 17 when i walked into your farm house studio,i was so shure i was gonna be a star someday. now im 45 and still dreaming .you could have smashed my overblown ego easily .instead you gave me encouragement and guidance.to this day ive not met a more posative person in the music biz.i truely thank you for the long hours you spent with me for so little pay . you must have had the patients of a saint.you are truely a legend. my son (now 27)remebers you well(he was 3yrs old in a sleeping bag behind your console chair,remembers your farts.THOSE WER THA DAYS.randy(still cant spell,but i sing like a mutha fuka)

you... - 9Jun2003 10:31 AM
Still waiting for the Primevil release, where is it? I'm getting sick of waiting. :-)

splitsound... - tucson, az - 5Jun2003 8:28 AM
i found a scratchy copy of the PRIMEVIL lp in a
goodwill thrift store here in tucson a few years
back for 50 cents. never heard of them, but it
looked like a cool 70's rock lp. the record
nearly tore my head off! you people need to get
this reissued on lp or cd! it's a f*ckin' monster!
an excellent US 70's hard rock band!

....summer nights at 700 West.....
wilfong... - Jay Wilfong - 24Nov2002 5:40 PM
I remember those days fondly. Marshalls screaming at the top of Moe's stairwell and then crashing to the bottom...Sennheiser entangled, power tubes still glowing. The goats calling my name in the dark...laughing at me from their hiding spot in Moe's barn... Surely I can't leave out the strategic fart placement, a little known trademark of the studio....and doubling a 70 second shrill scream just before passing out on the floor. Yes, those were the days...dueling Marshalls and Kasinos attempting to drill 150 db induced sonic holes in the studio walls. Wish I could go back and do it all again. The amazing work that came out of 700 West will someday truly be recognized for the genius that it was...and the glue that made it all happen....one Moe Whittemore, Madman/master musician/record producer extraordinaire.

Hello Moe
hted... - Taichung, Taiwan - 19Nov2002 8:59 PM
Very interesting photos. You looked good back in '70. This website is professional. Good job!

Ted Hsieh

Bty... - New Pal, USA - 16Nov2002 8:13 AM
I've always like this one. So much crazy stuff going on and Herman making it up as he went along. Wonder where the author it?
Make a Little Wine was my tops favorite. But what do I know? I only lived with this for 12 years. Drums at 10 pm, trumpets at 3 am. Dutch with stacks of speakers and double base drums. No wonder Bobbi's horse collection walked off the shelves.

Your releases
knuthulu... - Kongsvinger, NORWAY - 13Oct2002 7:02 AM
Man, is the Primevil album due for a reissue? Who's doing it and how do I get in touch? I've been looking for the album for a while, so it would be really nice to get a CD made from the master tapes.

Do you have masters of the material you recorded? Someone must be interested in making CDs of it - the Buccaneer album was pretty great.

Knut Nortun

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