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 Moe Whittemore
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Herman Walker Trumpet, Vocals Amnesty, Ultimate Force ?
'Master Boobie' Townsend Guitar, Vocals ERFC ?
Tony Black Vocalist ERFC ?
Kim Matchett Percussionist Malachi ?
Howard Phillips Percussion Jubal/Zerfas 2019-07-17
Matthew Watson drums ERFC, Epoxy, 700 West session musician. 2019-09-07
Steve Newbold Guitarist, backup vocals Zerfas 2018-04-23, heart attack
Gary Lee Brewer Gary was our 1st call session drummer because of his versatility. He did much session work and pub gigs in the area, but wasn't affiliated with any specific band. He played on some of my stuff from the "MO" album, and was the drummer on Ed Ott's LP 2017-07-27, heart attack (63)
Tommy Wills Band leader. Tommy Wills band. 2017-10-21, fall
Red Massie Bassist Amnesty, Rapture Instagram Post 2017-11-12
Calvin Williams Guitar Amnesty, Ultimate Force 2013-03
Jason ("Stonewall") Seidler Guitar Why On Earth 2011-07-16
Russell Peck An award winning ASCAP composer russellpeck.com 2009
Bo Gooliak Bass, kybds; LA studio musician; 1 cut on 'Zerfas' LP Peddler 2008-03-08
Charlie Smith Guitar; vocals 'Jubal'; (+ others out of the area) 2008-02
Jeff Cobb Guitar, vocals, songwriter 'Aaron' (+ others in area); Beatlesque original material 2007, Summer, cancer
Eugene Blakey Songwriter, vocals, keyboard Blakey Special 2007-12-25
Jack Phelan Bass Studio musician 2004
Bob Williams W'winds, K'bds, Songwriter Maelstrom 2004
Bill Rice Bass Zerfas/Jubal 2003-05-30
Rollin Wood Percussionist Maelstrom 2002
Jack Schaefele Saxophones Malachi 2001
Larry Bryant Multi-inst; vocals;songwriter 'Broken Glass' (gospel) 1990s (mid)
Jim Dicks Bass, Vocals, Songwriter Granite, Sailor, Iron Horse 1984
Carl Haefli Trumpet ERFC 1978

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