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<<   The "If Dreams Were True" Album by Don Huntsinger   >>
cover Don Huntsinger
"If Dreams Were True"


Label: Bliss Records
Serial: 061775

<< A Side >>

  1. Peace Of Mind (3:36)
    Author: Huntsinger
  2. Red's Grill (2:55)
    Author: Huntsinger
  3. If Dreams Were True (2:55)
    Author: Huntsinger
  4. Waiting For You (3:16)
    Author: Huntsinger
  5. Together (3:18)
    Author: Huntsinger
<< B Side >>

  1. She Loves Me (3:05)
    Author: Huntsinger
  2. Illustrated Blues (2:06)
    Author: Huntsinger
    Song Credits:
    • Stan Mickel : Bass Guitar
  3. Fortune Teller (3:17)
    Author: Mickel
    Song Credits:
    • Stan Mickel : Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar
  4. Summertime (3:44)
    Author: Heyward/Gershwin
  5. Rain On The Meadow (3:36)
    Author: Huntsinger

<< Credits >>

  • Bill Buchanan : Producer
  • Moe Whittemore : Engineer, Piano, Oboe, Synthesizer
  • 700 West Recording : Studio
  • Gary Brewer : Drums
  • Jack Phelan : Bass Guitar
  • Gary Pugh : Steel Guitar
  • Bill Hopkins : Banjo
  • Stan Mickel : Electric Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass Guitar
  • Don Huntsinger : Acoustic Guitar, Arragement, Vocals
  • Kim Henderson : Vocals

<< Liner Notes >>

Front porch guitar playing and singing in church was the extent of my musical efforts until I met Stan. Continual prodding on his part convinced me that just maybe we could make something of our talents. His love for music coupled with good guitar playing is expressed throughout the album.

One definition in the dictionary for the word crzay is "very ethusiastic or eager." When it comes to recording something on tape, Moe is just that. His eagerness to create good sound plus a degree in electrical engineering has made him perfect for his job. With all due respect, Moe is crazy.

The musicians that helped me with this album deserve more than my thanks. They deserve your listening. I know you will appreciate them as much as I do. Producing an album requires more than just money, it requires a belief in the investment.

Thank you... Bill for being a believer.

<< Comments >>

If I remember correctly, Don was working as a single in an upscale Country lounge on the east side of Indy - and he needed a record.. This 1975 release features good guitar playing. Many of the tunes are nice'n laid-back, too. (I even got to do a bit of oboe playing on this LP...)
- M. J. Whittemore, Jr.
(Sunday, 7th of March, 2004)

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