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<<   The "Day Before Tomorrow" Album by Kevin Stonerock   >>
cover back Kevin Stonerock
"Day Before Tomorrow"


Label: 700 West
Serial: 780310
Re-issued: 1998
Online: http://kevinstonerock.com

<< A Side >>

  1. Day Before Tomorrow
  2. Easy
  3. Morning Song
  4. Nothing Behind It
  5. Two Candles
  6. You Were Made To Smile
<< B Side >>

  1. Days Of Yore
  2. Down The Pike Again
  3. Time
  4. Arizona Love
  5. Roads

<< Credits >>

  • Kevin Stonerock : Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Incidental Percussion, Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, All Compositions
  • Paul Herr : Drums, Incidental Percussion, Background Vocals (You Were Made To Smile)
  • Janet Hewitt : Background Vocals (You Were Made To Smile)
  • Rex Thomas : Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Moe Whittemore : Keyboards

<< Liner Notes >>

Special thanks to Carl and Betty Stonerock, Alice Varez, Ted, Dave, and Gabe

<< Comments >>

Copy sold on eBay for $6.50
- David Whittemore
(Tuesday, 28th of March, 2006)

Copy sold on eBay for $20.21

- David Whittemore
(Thursday, 8th of November, 2012)

Copy sold on eBay for $30.00

- David Whittemore
(Thursday, 8th of November, 2012)

Copy sold on eBay for $51.00

- David Whittemore
(Sunday, 6th of April, 2014)

Copy sold on eBay for $21.12

- David Whittemore
(Saturday, 2nd of May, 2015)

<< Auxiliary Materials >>

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    A FEW THOUGHTS ABOUT 700 WEST By Kevin Stonerock March 1999 I first met Moe in 1976. I had written several songs and was looking for someplace to do a demo. I knew that my classmate, Mel Cupp, had......
  • Review - Indianapolis News, 3 March 1979
    Lend me your ear By ZACH DUNKIN Kevin Stonerock is sitting in the studios at WSMJ-FM, Greenfield, listening to a tape of his song, "A Little Late For Love." His foot is tapping slightly as he......
  • Review - Guitar Player, June 1979
    Kevin Stonerock, Day Before Tomorrow, 700 West (New Palestine, IN 46163). 780310. This album's songs shift between finger-snapping, toe-tapping, lighthearted melodies to more somber, moody pieces.......
  • Review - The Indianapolis Entertainer, 28 August, 1978
    Review "Day Before Tomorrow" is a calming, sometimes wistful, look at love. The artist's influences show, and blended with his own developing style, produce an album that is very easy to listen to.......
  • Review - Tri-County News, 21 March 1979
    Tri-County News, 21 March 1979 Music Career On The Move For Kevin Stonerock Kevin Stonerock, a well known name in the Knightstown area, may become a nationally known name sometime in the not too......
  • Period Photograph of Kevin in the studio
    Kevin Stonerock in the studio...

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