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<<   Review - The Indianapolis Entertainer, 28 August, 1978   >>
cover Kevin Stonerock : Day Before Tomorrow

Review - The Indianapolis Entertainer, 28 August, 1978


"Day Before Tomorrow" is a calming, sometimes wistful, look at love. The artist's influences show, and blended with his own developing style, produce an album that is very easy to listen to. The style ranges from quiet "Morning Song" to the bouncy "Down The Pike Againa". Standouts for radio play include "Two Candles" and "You Were Made to Smile".

"Morning Song", to this writer, appears to be the album's best. A reflective song with some excellent lines (even rivers change their courses), that improves with repeated listenings. "Roads", the album's closer, stretches out a bit too long at the end, but remains a clear, interesting look at the music business. I'm looking forward to Stonerock's next effort, his personal style should be more defined and the subject matter broader. But in the meantime, "Day Before Tomorrow" stands as a first effort of first rate quality.

Kevin Stonerock ... A Thoughtful Sound

"I need to get stuff out in the open and off my chest. Sometimes, it helps me forget. I guess that's why I write", says Kevin Stonerock, singer songwriter. If you haven't heard Kevin's work, you're missing a relaxed thoughtful musical jourmey. With the release of Kevin's first album, "Day Before Tomorrow", (700 West), the 22 year old artist stands on the brink of an important career.

Stonerock, a Greensboro resident began learning bass guitar at 15. He quickly moved on to electric guitar and has since become accomplished on harmonica, tuba, and baritone horn, although, the bass remains his first love. He now performs solo after stints with Commonwealth and most recently, Blackfoot Canyon.

Inspired by Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young and Don Maclean lyrically and Credance Clearwater Revival musically, Kevin began composing and performing his own songs. "I love to play," he said. "Sometimes you and the audience build this rapport that's just great' And when you don't, well, there's not much you can do. You just keep on playing and giving all you've got." He has had his share of uncomfortable moments. Last year, minutes before an appearance on stage at Hollywood's Improvisational Club, he lost all of his fingerpicks. "I was in the back alley behind the stage," he remebereed, "and it was very dark, I guess they fell out of my case. I had no choice but to get up there and play without them. It was my first experience without picks and I haven't gone back to them since. The sound is more intimate. But I didn't know that then and it was scary."

The album "Day Before Tomorrow", was recorded locally at Moe Whittemore's 700 West Studios. Stonerock played several instruments himself and was aided by his best friend and former Blackfoot Canyon co-member, Paul Herr. Also performing on the album are Janet Hewitt and former Write Brother, Rex Thomas, who also has a newly released album. Kevin is proud of his first effort. His personal favorites are "Morning Song" ("It's pretty personal. I used to kind of clam up when I'd try to play it."), "Two Candles", "Time", and "Roads". The album has received generous airplay on the outlying stations, rock and pop and country alike.

Having concentrated on writing primarily, Kevin is preparing to enter the club scene. His goal is a national recording contract. He is, of course, continuing his writing and hopes to broaden himself lyrically.

"In the future, I'll probably move a little away from the love song themes. It helps get your insecurities worked out. Then you're ready to head in different dierctions."

Whatever direction he heads in, the future looks bright for Kevin Stonerock.

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