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<<   Review - Tri-County News, 21 March 1979   >>
cover Kevin Stonerock : Day Before Tomorrow

Review - Tri-County News, 21 March 1979

Tri-County News, 21 March 1979

Music Career On The Move For Kevin Stonerock

Kevin Stonerock, a well known name in the Knightstown area, may become a nationally known name sometime in the not too distant future. A talented musician, Kevin has produced and album which is now beginning to sell and he has begun making personal appearances in the area.

He recently was a guest on the Jim Gerard Show and performed prior to an Indiana Pacers game at Market Square Arena. He also has appeared at The Ground Round and The Vogue in Indianapolis

His first album "Day Before Tomorrow" was released in June and is now beginning to move in sales. The style ranges from quiet "Morning Star" to the bouncy "Down The Pike Again". All songs on the album are original recordings, written by Stonerock and available at most major stores at Indianapolis and Greenfield.

A 1974 graduate of Knightstown High School, he resides in Greensboro with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Calr Stonerock. He bagan learning bass guitar at age 15. He moved on to learn electric guitar and is also an accomplished tuba, baritone horn and harmonica player.

Inspired by several well known musicians, Kevin began composing and performing his own songs. After performing with two bands, Commonwealth and Blackfoot Canyon, he now performs solo.

Busy with his own career and giving music lessons four days a week at the Main Street Music Store at Greenfield, Kevin still finds time to devote to charitable causes. he was recently presented with a special award from Governor Otis Bowen on behalf of his charitable contributions. The award was presented at a benefit concert at Greenfield where Kevin was the featured performer at the show, which was trying to raise $17,000 for the high school's band trip to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washignton D.C.

He staged a benefit concert to raise money for Jimmy Kattau, a cancer victim at Greenfield Junior High School, and customers at the Main Street Music Store may request that a dollar from the sale of his album go to the Greenfield band or to Michelle Gorman, a young Carthage girl suffering from leukemia.

Kevin's goal for the future is a national record contract with national distribution on a major level. he has acquired a manager and is hoping to make more personal appearances in the Indianapolis area, continue writing songs, and waiting for that "lucky break".

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