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cover Mo : First Album

2003-03: An Ebay seller's review

Here we have a LIMITED PRESS LP (200 COPIES ONLY) released in 1976 by multi-talented 700 West producer (and all around nice guy) Maurice "Moe" J. Whittemore Jr. entitled "Mo - First Album".

This album is on (what else?) 700 West Records (catalog number 760704 STEREO). 700 West Studios & Moe Whittemore are from the heart of the midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana (New Palestine to be exact) and have been recognized the world over for such projects as ZERFAS (a 1973 psych monster), PRIMEVIL (a hardrock guitar driven classic) MODLIN/SCOTT, AMNESTY (soul/funk), BUCCANEER, MICHAEL HENDERSON and many more too numerous to mention!

This is a tuff album to find, and even tougher to define musically... but 'll try! It really has to be heard to be believed! First off, Moe pressed this limited edition lp as "A Collection Of Publisher's Demos" as he calls it... and oh my brother... is it all around the board!! All material is credited to M. Whittemore as writer/composer. Moe plays all keyboads on the LP, including a home-built synthesizer that'll mess up your mind, electric oboe, and we're also treated to Moe's vocal styings as well... shades of Robert Wyatt definitely come to mind when Moe takes lead vocal!!

We are also treated to a cool R&B flavored track entitled "Make A Little Wine" (one of Moe's hobbies - to the delight of most everyone who had the privilege of gracing the 700 West studios through the years) featuring the ZERFAS brothers, David & Herman on drums & lead vocals respectively. By the way, the open drum break that starts the track off is to die for! Another fun note is that all cover art is credited to Mookie, Goog, Busk & Boo (Moe's then young children), and in turn, all Moe's children are then credited to his wife Betty (nice touch, Moe!). Get ready for everything from avant-garde electronica to a soul/funk-psych freakout, and all points in between!!!

final bid: $122.50

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