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cover Mo : First Album

www.indiana45s.com review

Moe Whittemore's first and only album on his own 700 West label is one of Indiana's oddest left-field rarity. Ostensibly a selection of publishers demos, the album was rumored to have been printed in a very small run of only 300 copies.

The style runs the gamut from beat-heavy progressive rock on "Nowhere To Go" and "Slammer" to futuristic space noodlings on "K2- 3rd Movement". "Congratulations" is sounds like a lost Pink Floyd out-take from Dark Side of the Moon. The final track on side A -- Muscle Pumpkin is thinly veiled ode to Captain Beefheart -- sounding like a Trout Mask Replica attack complete with choral background singers and Ornette Coleman oboe (courtesy Mo).

The flip is dominated by more "normal" songs, including drum-heavy "Make a Little Wine" which saw some local airplay as a 45 rpm release back in 1976. It begins with a monstrous break-beat that sounds like bong-smoking noises in the background. Two country songs follow. Anthony Black of Lamp Records fame (Tony Black and the Revolution) provides vocals on the sweet soul masterpiece of Indianapolis -- "Check Me Out." Absolutely sickening!!

All in all, the album is something between a demo to promote his recording studio and a library record of styles. Absolutely recommended to beat heads, library collectors and psych fans.

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