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<<   The "Poor Johnny" Single from Scofield And Toffolo   >>

Scofield And Toffolo
"Poor Johnny"

"Clare's Song"

Label: Estey Records
Serial: 770727
2 audio samples available below!

<< A Side >>

  1. Poor Johnny (2:47) [listen to Download] - Download
    Author: John Toffolo
    Song Credits:
    • John Toffolo
    • Dave Scofield
    • John B Engle
<< B Side >>

  1. Clare's Song (3:01) [listen to Download] - Download
    Song Credits:
    • John Toffolo
    • Dave Scofield
    • John B Engle

<< Comments >>

Funny thing, one of our 500 (or 600?) 45s was given to a record shop by one of my northern nephews and went to auction on Ebay last month starting at $1.49, sadly, there were no bidders.   I didn't see it until bidding was closed. My nephew was bummed that he had the 45 in with the ones he gave to the record shop. Dave and I just were FB messaging last weekend laughing at the 45 & Ebay. Here is what Dave messaged:  "That was so cool going to 700 West. Those were the days."  And they were!!! As you remember, we were going to have the one 45 with two songs on it, one from Scofield and the other from Toffolo, but we had so much fun recording Clare's Song for Side-A, that we decided to put John's song on another 45's Side-A and wrote Poor Johnny the night before (and during) the recording of it.  It was a blast.  We never got around to coming back to 700 West to record the second 45 due to College schedules and such... But 700 West was fun.
- John B Engle
(Wednesday, 29th of April, 2020)

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