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cover Various Artists : Best Of 700 West - Volume I

Indy Spins -- Best of 700 West & Hipster Zero

Indy Spins -- Best of 700 West & Hipster Zero
CD Reviews by Rob G

Various Artists
The Best of 700 West, Vol. 1

Recommended if you like: Funky 16 Corners, Nuggets

For those who enjoy checking out Indiana's musical history, 'The Best of 700 West Vol. 1' is probably this year's essential purchase. This compilation comes from the archives of 700 West Recording which was a small recording studio in New Palestine, IN that operated from 1971 to 1983. Studio owner Mo Whittemore assembled this compilation highlighting, in his opinion, the best of the many musicians who recorded at 700 West over the years.

Because the collection is a comprehensive cross-section of acts that recorded at 700 West running the gamut from gospel to experimental electronic music, it's easy to say that there is probably something for everybody here. It's also fairly safe to say that not everything on this disc is going to appeal to all listeners. Still, in addition to gems like the funky Ultimate Force and the proto-metal sludge of Primevil, the main thing that struck me about this compilation was the high quality throughout all the tracks. Though I can't say all the artists here appeal to me personally, the highlights are fantastic and as a whole, 'The Best of 700 West Vol. 1' once again shows the depth and excellence that Indiana's musical past has to offer.

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