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Between 1972 and 1983, about 35 singles and 37 albums were recorded by Mo Whittemore at the 700 West Recording studio. A select few were released on the 700 West label. Others were released on other labels. Today, these are highly-collectible records!

We're currently working to digitize the original 1/4" master and 1/2" source tapes that remain in the 700 West archives.

<< 700 West compilations >>
Various Artists - Best Of 700 West - Volume I coverVarious Artists - Best Of 700 West - Volume II cover
<< Albums released on the 700 West label >>
Zerfas - Zerfas coverPrimevil - Smokin' Bats At Campton's coverSequoiah - Sequoiah coverMo - First Album coverScott & Modlin - The Train Don't Stop Here Anymore coverSailor - Sailor coverKevin Stonerock - Day Before Tomorrow cover
<< Albums recorded at 700 West, released on other labels >>
J.D. Redmon & The Redeemers - Keep On Keepin On coverJim Sturgis - Sun Run coverDon Rissler - Same Old Fashioned Way coverTerry Kimbrell - Distant Dreams coverDoug Enoch - Distant Dreams coverJ.D. Redmon - Let Me Live coverJerry Lowe - Don't Look Like Baby's Coming Home coverMaelstrom - Paradigms coverDon Huntsinger - If Dreams Were True coverDan Mobley - Walk In the Wind and the Rain coverJ. Michael Henderson - To Make The Night Complete coverBronco - Bronco coverFirst Annual Farewell Reunion - First Time Around coverEd Ott - Potential Collector's Item coverRex Thomas Community Council - Levels coverEd Hamilton and Bluegrass - A Letter To Mama coverJ.D. Redmon - Just J.D. coverRay Gooliak - Home Away From Home coverThe Believers - Sailing Toward Home coverBuccaneer - Buccaneer coverJ. Michael Henderson - Nite People coverThe Tharp Brothers Band - The Tharp Brothers Band coverRay Pierle - Time and Money coverCarlos Silva & Twice - Carlos Silva & Twice coverErnie Mindel - Until Jesus coverGolden Grass - Batteries Not Included coverIron Horse - Iron Horse coverMistreater - Hell's Fire coverRoberts Owen - Immature Oocytes coverTommy Wills - Salutes coverAmnesty - Free Your Mind cover