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  • Carl Haefli
    Played: Trumpet
    For: Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign
    1978-01-0143 yrs ago
  • Jim Dicks
    Played: Bass, Vocals, Songwriter
    For: Granite, Sailor, Iron Horse
    1984-01-0137 yrs ago
  • Herman Walker
    Played: Trumpet, Vocals
    For: Amnesty, Ultimate Force
  • Master "Boobie" Townsend
    Played: Guitar, Vocals
    For: Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign
  • Jack Phelan
    Played: Bass
    For: Studio musician
    2004-01-0117 yrs ago
  • Rollin Wood
    Played: Percussionist
    For: Maelstrom
    2002-01-0119 yrs ago
  • Bob Williams
    Played: W'winds, K'bds, Songwriter
    For: Maelstrom
    2004-01-0117 yrs ago
  • Tony Black
    Played: Vocalist
    For: Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign
  • Kim Matchett
    Played: Percussionist
    For: Malachi
  • Jack Schaefele
    Played: Saxophones
    For: Malachi
    2001-01-0120 yrs ago
  • Bo Gooliak
    Played: Bass, kybds; LA studio musician; 1 cut on 'Zerfas' LP
    For: Peddler
    2008-03-0813 yrs ago
  • Larry Bryant
    Played: Multi-inst; vocals;songwriter
    For: Broken Glass (gospel)
    1990s (mid)
  • Charlie Smith
    Played: Guitar; vocals
    For: Jubal; (+ others out of the area)
    2008-02-0113 yrs ago
  • Jeff Cobb
    Played: Guitar, vocals, songwriter
    For: Aaron (+ others in area); Beatlesque original material
    2007-07-0114 yrs ago
    Reason: Summer, cancer
  • Calvin Williams
    Played: Guitar
    For: Amnesty, Ultimate Force
    2013-03-018 yrs ago
  • Jason ("Stonewall") Seidler
    Played: Guitar
    For: Why On Earth
    2011-07-1610 yrs ago
  • Bill Rice
    Played: Bass
    For: Zerfas/Jubal
    2003-05-3018 yrs ago
  • Russell Peck
    Played: An award winning ASCAP composer
    For: russellpeck.com
    2009-01-0112 yrs ago
  • Gary Lee Brewer
    Played: Gary was our 1st call session drummer because of his versatility. He did much session work and pub gigs in the area, but wasn't affiliated with any specific band
    For: He played on some of my stuff from the 'MO' album, and was the drummer on Ed Ott's LP
    2017-07-274 yrs ago
    Age: 63
    Reason: heart attack
  • Tommy Wills
    Played: Band leader.
    For: Tommy Wills band
    2017-10-213 yrs ago
    Age: 93
    Reason: fall
  • Red Massie
    Played: Bassist
    For: Amnesty, Rapture
    2017-11-123 yrs ago
    Age: 63
  • Eugene Blakey
    Played: Songwriter, vocals, keyboard
    For: Blakey Special
    2007-12-2513 yrs ago
  • Steve Newbold
    Played: Guitarist, backup vocals
    For: Zerfas
    2018-04-233 yrs ago
    Age: 63
    Reason: heart attack
  • Howard Phillips
    Played: Percussion
    For: Jubal/Zerfas
    2019-07-172 yrs ago
  • Matthew Watson
    Played: drums
    For: Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign, Epoxy, 700 West session musician.
    2019-09-071 yrs ago