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photo 0
J. Michael Henderson during video shoot for a "PM Magazine" feature
photo 1
The studio and control-room window - note the wall padding.
photo 2
Mo at the controls, the new 8-channel Tascam 70-8 on his right.
photo 3
Mo at the treated piano
photo 4
before 1976
M. Whittemore, Dave Lovell. Also in-frame: Magnecord PT6-AH 2-track 1/4" recorder, and the 3M M23 4-track 1/2" recorder. 4-channel days.
photo 5
Captain America pants and the 3M M23 4-track
photo 6
"Mo the hippie" AKA "disappointing his mother
photo 7
Mo with homemade dulcimer, from local newspaper story. The 4-channel 3M M23 1/2" recorder is over his shoulder
photo 8
The studio, up the lane. Deep in winter, late 80's
photo 9
A young Mark Whittemore helps set up the drums in the front room
photo 10
Kevin Stonerock in the studio
photo 11
Kevin Stonerock in the studio Paul Herr on drums