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  • Give Moe a call!
    David Whittemore
    2021-08-0231 days ago

    Friends, Musicians, Gentlefolk!

    My father would love to hear from you! Give him a call if you've got his number.

    Now's the time.

  • The Best of 700 West Vol. II has been released!
    2019-05-182 yrs ago

  • WFYI interview of Moe Whittemore
    2019-04-262 yrs ago

    WFYI's Kyle Long's "Cultural Manifesto" returned to the old 700 West studio to interview Moe Whittemore. This hour-long program featured many tracks from the Best of 700 West Vol. II

  • Listen here
    Kyle Long interviews Moe Whittemore
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  • Nuvo Magazine
    2015-06-066 yrs ago

    700 West's Moe Whittemore gets reissue

  • News Item!
    2015-06-066 yrs ago

    The extremely rare Mo album has ben re-released by Anazitisi Records with bonus track!

  • Site Updates
    David Whittemore
    2014-05-247 yrs ago

  • Email Message
    Moe Whittemore
    2012-03-039 yrs ago

    Tho't u all'd get a kick out of my interview in the latest NUVO alternate rag. It was supposed to show up in the print edition featuring "local labels", but they didn't have the room for it - hence the online link.... The original interview was done by Kyle Long at my place around '06. (The problem with the local labels feature in the print version is the groups/studio/labels only go back to about 1998. By then, nothing much was left of the 'golden age' of the Indy music scene!)

    Anyway, just click around the link below to check out the article and its various musical downloads. Deeper browsing within the article will reveal other NUVO reviews about 700 West that I didn't know existed!

    Take care!

  • Email Message
    Jay Wilfong
    2012-03-039 yrs ago

    Great article BUT justice could only be served by real time spent down that long gravel lane.

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and Avast ye swabs...... Give 'em a broadside Bonney!!

    Ah how I love to think back to those days.... Moe's laughing demands to "get out of the chord dammit!" The goats calling my name in the middle of the night. Those "homemade" devices and sound effects some of which were suspiciously similar to f*rts. Moe's shrieks of panic as Marshall amplifiers rolled down the stairwell. Swords clanking, wine brewing, lectures on Hindu monks squatting in the Ganges. Laughing, trudging, breaking down wooden platforms in the living room, dragged there on top of rusty Delta 88's. Invitations from Bloomington studios to recording seminars and Moe's reply, "do you want me to attend it or teach it??!" The smart ass remarks and comments honed to perfection and strangers asking "is he kidding or serious?" to which I would reply, "no, he is Moe".

    To many who passed by that little path running between two slightly larger little paths, it was no doubt just a dark and mysterious cut between a cornfield and a woods but to those of us who did time there it was so much more and forever changed our lives and hopefully they will release me soon.

    May there be a 700 West and a Moford in every filthy scoundrels life.

  • PM Magazine (1980) Artist Profile
    2012-10-108 yrs ago

    700 West artist J Michael Henderson was profiled on "PM Magazine" Indianapolis with Tom Cochrun (1980)

    M.J. Whittemore Jr and the studio interior appears at 6:10 (yeah, that's a U47!)