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<< Singles released on the 700 West label >>
Little Murray & the 'Mantics 1973-02-15
A: "Don't Leave Me, Mama"
B: "Goddess Above"
Match I 1973-05-15
A: "People Do Not Change"
B: "(Life's Like a) Keyhole"
Match II 1973-08-20
A: "Make A Little Wine"
B: "Incident"
Ezekial Longspur 1973-09-11
A: "Rollin' Down the Highway"
B: "Cloud Rider"
David Fuqua 1973-10-02
A: "Sunny Day Lady"
B: "Only You"
Amnesty 1973-11-20
A: "Three Cheers For My Baby"
B: "Lord, Help Me"
Stan Collins 1974-01-20
A: "An American's View of Canada"
Ray Gooliak
B: "Jack McGrew"
Norm Crail 1974-09-15
A: "Gettin' High"
B: "Street Lady"
Soapstick 1974-09-20
A: "Paper With Lines"
B: "Annie Porpoise Song"
Stone's Crossing 1974-09-30
A: "No Contest"
B: "Wedding Day"
Funk St. Workshop 1975-10-05
A: "Git On Up"
B: "Girl I Know What You're Thinking"
Rebirth 1976-01-20
A: "I Get High"
B: "Fear"
Malachi 1976-11-05
A: "That Same Song You Sing"
B: "Citizen"
Ed Ott 1976-11-15
A: "Scatter Me"
B: "Belinda"
Lights Of Dawn 1976-12-05
A: "Ooo-Wee"
B: "I Hope It's Me"
Charlie Crosby 1978-08-15
A: "Baby, I Know"
B: "A Good Friend Is So Hard To Find"
Mistreater 1980
A: "Hell's Fire"
B: "Baby Blue"
Kevin Stonerock 1980-02-25
A: "Isn't It Nice To Dream"
B: "To The Mill House"
Funk St. Workshop 1980-04-01
A: "The Erroll Flynn - I"
B: "The Erroll Flynn - II"
<< Singles recorded at 700 West, released on other labels >>
Good Day
A: "So Fine"
B: "She's A Woman - She's My Girl"
John L. Riley
A: "Dreams Of a Dreamer"
B: "Sweet Memories"
Special Delivery
A: "Big Brown Eyes"
B: "Gloria"
Mr. Feelgood 1972
A: "Fool Number Two"
B: "Everybody's Talking About It"
Granite 1973
A: "You Got Me Anyway"
B: "Who Can Blame You"
Vanguards and The Lady 1975
A: "All The Women I've Wanted"
B: "Blue Star Rising"
Poor Richard 1975
A: "Justa Rock'n Roll"
B: "Supposed To Love"
Love Machine 1975
A: "Tell Me"
B: "Dunlop Song"
Bob Arnold 1975-12-01
A: "Family Of Love"
B: "Fly Away"
Promise 1976-02-27
A: "Watch Out"
B: "Pay The Price"
Scofield And Toffolo 1977-07-27
A: "Poor Johnny"
B: "Clare's Song"
Sonny Jacobs and his The Sonnysiders 1979
A: "Oklahoma Twister"
B: "Fort Worth Feather Bed"
Buccaneer 1980
A: "Follow Me"
B: "Won't Bow My Head"
Buccaneer 1980
A: "Sharkbait"
B: "Wasted Nights"
Scarem 1981
A: "Feeling Grave"
B: "Misery"
Jim Hubler 1981-09-10
A: "Big Bruce, the Big Blue Spruce"
B: "All I Want For X'mas Is a C.B."
The Memories Band 1982-06-14
A: "Midnight Hour"
B: "Only You"
The Beatsters 1983
A: "Merseybeat"
B: "Take Me Into Your Heart"