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Dan Modlin interviews Moe Whittemore 2010
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Ray Gooliak- Home Away From Home
J. Michael Henderson- To Make The Night Complete
My Music3:23
With Nobody Else Around2:24
Because That Someone Is You4:44
You Might Think I'm A Stranger2:34
It Never Hurts To Cry2:56
A Song For Jude3:07
Everybody Sings The Blues3:53
You're But A Dream, My Lady3:26
Friend, You've Got It Made3:47
Have I Been In Love At All2:40
To Make The Night Complete4:19
Mo- First Album
Nowhere To Go4:31
K2 - 3rd Movement2:20
Muscle Pumpkin3:07
Make A Little Wine2:54
Don't Ya Think About Leavin'3:12
Cross Country2:41
Check Me Out3:38
A Little While2:41
Primevil- Smokin' Bats At Campton's
Hey, Lover2:36

Hey, Lover was written and recorded in one night. Judgement as to its spontaneous insanity is left to the listener.

Sequoiah- Sequoiah
Memories (Of a Man and Woman)
J. Michael Henderson- Nite People
it ain't true
look at you
take my love
nite people
song peddler
always singin'
moonlit night
where is the sun?
my whole life over again
Dan Mobley- Walk In the Wind and the Rain
Various Artists- Best Of 700 West - Volume I
Ultimate Force - Circle City Fatback06:19

One of the finest R&B groups to pass through our portals! This band was made up of ERFC/Epoxy alumni - but with the addition of Amnesty's horns and vocalists. Matthew, Buddy, Red, James, D.G., Greg, Elroy, Herman & Gino - we salute you!!

M.J. Whittemore, Jr.

Least Common Denominator - Wait 'Til Yesterday03:26

Tune did OK on station WNAP's "Homegrown Hour", back in 07/1979

Ezekial Longspur - Rollin' Down The Highway03:44
Match II - Make A Little Wine02:53
Amnesty- Free Your Mind
Three Cheers For My Baby4:10
<< 7" Tracks >>
Ezekial Longspur- Rollin' Down the Highway
Rollin' Down the Highway3:53
Cloud Rider4:00
Stone's Crossing- No Contest
No Contest5:12

This cut hooked up Jim Horton as Financial backer.

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Wedding Day3:05
Rebirth- I Get High
I Get High2:45

Very commercial power trio.

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Little Murray & the 'Mantics- Don't Leave Me, Mama
Don't Leave Me, Mama4:30

Producer/Money Man: Leslie Townes

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Goddess Above3:11

Early stuff - and sounds it!

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Match I- People Do Not Change
People Do Not Change1:45

Match I was our 1st studio group.

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

(Life's Like a) Keyhole3:50
Match II- Make A Little Wine
Make A Little Wine2:54

Match II was our 2nd studio group. Cut rereleased on LP 7604704.

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.


Our first significant airplay! WTLC - bless 'em!

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Soapstick- Paper With Lines
Paper With Lines3:45
Annie Porpoise Song3:11
Malachi- That Same Song You Sing
That Same Song You Sing4:33

Popular area horn band. Did many high school proms, etc...

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Jim Hubler- Big Bruce, the Big Blue Spruce
Big Bruce, the Big Blue Spruce3:22

Great novelty stuff - both in the writing & recording!

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Promise- Watch Out
Watch Out2:57

Our 1st 8-track session!

M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Pay The Price4:08


M. J. Whittemore, Jr.

Amnesty- Three Cheers For My Baby
Three Cheers For My Baby4:38
Lord, Help Me3:46
Love Machine- Tell Me
Tell Me3:21
Dunlop Song3:04
Lights Of Dawn- Ooo-Wee
Funk St. Workshop- Git On Up
Git On Up2:56
Girl I Know What You're Thinking
Scofield And Toffolo- Poor Johnny
Poor Johnny2:47
Clare's Song3:01
<< Unreleased Material >>
Herman Walker - Jeannie2:45

The proper interpretation of one Jerome Winoker's unrequited love songs. Larry Lucas: Guitar, Herman Walker: Vocals, Bo Gooliak: Bass, Mel Cupp: Drums

Funk St. Workshop - Water

Taken from submasters

Jubal (Zerfas) - A Certain Kind Of Lady

Unreleased demo

Jubal (Zerfas) - Shake Up Your Mind

Unreleased demo, taken from submasters

<< M. J. Whittemore, Jr.'s Classical Compositions >>
In 2003, Moe Whittemore returned to graduate school at Butler University to complete the music degree he had started back in the 50's! Here are his MIDI representations of the classical composition class assigments - on which he received all A's
March Madness
(April 2003)
In Quadrature
(July 2003)
2-Part Invention
(November 2003)
3-Voice Fugue
(December 2003)
Wright Now! (November 2003)
The Winding
The Climb
Bumping About
More Compositions
Our 4 Feral Kittens4:52
(December 2003)

Not really a classical composition...